Charm Inventory

Speaks for itself .. have a separate inventory that only Charms can fit in so you don’t have to sacrifice pick up space for power

Balance teleport meta

Make teleport meta something else

Buff timer

Buff timer would be nice to keep track of your battle order etc.

Visible Item Level

Have item levels visible, preferably only when moused over in inventory eg. in brackets next to name, ground clutter is bad enough.

Add Adjustable SP Item Drop Rate

For SP only: adding a slider or toggle to increase drop rates would be amazing – at this point, a game this old is mostly played by adults with lives

Make D2R compatible with Project Diablo 2

Project Diablo 2 has everything I want from Diablo 2. Just make it compatible. Maps, Corrupting Items, An extreme amount of new builds to play, extra space ect..

cube recipes for leftover annis & torches

3 Annis = unid ring which might be an soj!
3 torches (any) = 3 Random keys

Make melee great again!

AOE-builds are way stronger than every melee build. Better balancing = more variety.

Ladder pass

Small fee to play new ladder. D2R more profitable = blizz attention hopefully.

Enable minimun player setting when creating lobby games

Give an option to select a players setting (1-8) for lobby games that will be the minimum for the created game and will increase as normal when players beyond that setting join the game.